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About BrainWeave Smart

UKG - 10th Class

At Brainweave, we aspire to unleash the true potential ofevery child through our scientifically designed solutions.We aim to promote a holistic approach of development for our students by laying great emphasis on their physical, emotional, social and cognitive development.

  • Unleashing their true potential
  • Fun-interactive sessions
  • One-on-one counselling sessions for both parents and children
Creativity7 programs
CreativityFluency / Flexibility / Originality / Elaboration
EQ7 programs
EQSelf-awareness / Self-regulation / Self-esteem / Empathy / Motivation -Internal & external / Social skills / Relationship-management
PopularFitness7 programs
FitnessBalance / Coordination / Body-structure / Body-composition / Muscular- endurance / Muscular-strength / Aerobic capacity / Flexibility / Power / Speed
IQ7 programs
IQWord-Smart / Math-Smart / Music-Smart / People-Smart / Self-Smart / Visually-Smart / Nature-Smart / Digitally-Smart / Situation-Smart
Knowledge7 programs
KnowledgeAwareness (G.K.) / Problem solving / Famous personalities / Currencies / Countries, capitals & flags / Famous places & monuments / Government / Rules & laws
Life Skills7 programs
Life SkillsHelping hand / Kindness / Pro-social behaviour / Self-control / Identity-crisis / Compassion / Team-work / Gratitude
Personality7 programs
PersonalityAssessing what personality type they have / What personality traits are dominant / Using projective techniques as well as behavior analysis.
Perspective7 programs
PerspectiveSelf-assessed / Peer-assessed / Parents-assessed / Teacher-assessed
NewSpeaking Skills7 programs
Speaking SkillsCommunication skills / English / Hindi / Foreign language- French, German, Spanish
SQ7 programs
SQMeditation & Mindfulness / Relaxation techniques / Breathing exercises / Art & Music therapies

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6 Days
UKG – 2nd
Kindergarten-junior school / More parental involvement required / More IQ related activities Read More
6 Days
3rd – 5th
Junior school / More creativity enhancing activities / Teacher-parent interactions Read More
Online School for UKG - 10th. Enhancing their skill set and making them future smart.


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    Hansika Khokhar



    What Our Students Say About BW Smart

    The best part is that I have classes with my seniors which helps me to connect with my elders as well as.

    Jayant Ishi (6th grade)

    The activities conducted in the session were very interesting and helped me to open up a bit as I am an introvert..

    Yaksh(10th grade)

    I feel super confident and have started taking parts in debates..

    Prithvi(8th grade)
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    Team at BW Grow have accumulated the best designed puzzles and toys for your child’s all round development, which also compliments our BW Smart program.

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