Success is subjective.

Success k peeche mat bhaago, excellence ka peecha karo, success tumhare peeche ayegi.

-Aamir Khan

What does success mean for you?

For many, the definition of success is the result of any endeavour, the achievement one gets on completion of an undertaking/attempt. But, is this definition of success worth considering?

When we attain any goal it is termed a success. There is no doubt about it. I agree with the bookish meaning of success. But, if you ask me, success holds a lot in store than just merely being defined within a limited scope.

Success is subjective

Hello to all the magnificent souls. I feel that by now you must have started wondering about the true sense of success. It is always good to have multiple approaches about anything, several views on a particular topic because it allows us to look through the other sides available which we must have avoided so far. After getting influenced and inspired by intellectual personalities, I have realized that success in itself involves the whole process of trying to achieve anything.

For me, success refers to all the efforts I put in trying to attain any objective. The result always is not in our hands but what we give depends on us. Along with that, how we give also matters when it comes to understanding success. During any endeavour, it is essential to consider the steps an individual undergoes because that is what truly portrays the knowledge and skills one can render, and we don’t need to become successful in the outcome (due to several factors, dominantly external which we have no control over). We learn even if we fail because failure gives us the dimension to gain more which we did not have before. The satisfaction of being aware of the hard work we put into anything is so peaceful. That joy of understanding that we invested all that we could make us proud of ourselves, improving our self-esteem within and outside since all our resources are precious, be it our time, efforts, and even our acquired skills that a human develops over time.

Now, coming to the point on how success is subjective: In a nutshell, the core underlying assumption of having a successful attitude is on how each human being perceives success. For the ones who are aware of their hard work, of the resources, they have put in, wanting to give whatever they can are always fulfilled with themselves because such people believe in the path they choose, rather than the destination and it does not need many efforts, it is all a matter of practicing this attitude of success, the varied understanding of not attaining the outcome is not what people think of success to be, it inculcates so much more. I am pointing this time and again because this is the central element of wanting to achieve anything, and it all begins by modifying our fundamental beliefs about a particular subject. This is applicable everywhere. Until we rewire how we think, it is nearly impossible to develop a new approach towards anything.

This feeling of sense of gratification of being able to add value to anything, even if it is not considered so, is very positive for our health because of many different reasons. Initially, it makes us proud of ourselves which empowers us to do more. When we are in the path of doing more, we eventually learn more because at that stage, our motive and honest meaning of success shifts from that of an achiever of goals to an acquirer of more knowledge and skills so that our products for further working improves. Again, when the proficiency of our ability to perform better in the future is flourishing, it makes us more competitive. Hence, adding to our well-being. Our well-being consists of almost everything we are surrounded with, internally and externally. The pride of feeling success would enable an individual to feel wholesome in most parts: psychologically because of the grit to grow more, do more, and serve better; emotionally because of sense of contentment; physically active; socially we will be able to cope with interpersonal relationships a lot more than before because after all, the above factors will keep us delighted and that feeling of accomplishment is an extra helpful factor when it comes to communicating with the ones we are in contact with, be it personal or professional relationships as we can keep others satisfied and happy only when we are joyful. When all the other aspects of our well-being are in balance, spiritually i.e. deep at the core we feel completeness. Being satisfied in our spiritual core enables us to be more productive and efficient until we reach a stage when everything just seems enough for us and this is when we can make the most out of our lives, a path of being existential in this life (feeling existentialism is a journey, not an end goal that once achieved is enough for us to lead a wholesome life).

Summarising everything, the genuine meaning of success underlies our understanding of it. If we think that our desirable achievements mark us as successful, in that case, we can never have a sense of accomplishment for ourselves. The real success of a human being is more closely associated with what he/she gives and offers in the path of striving to achieve any appropriate objective. I do not mean that a person should not be result-oriented. It is essential to focus on the outcome at best if we choose to initially focus on the efforts we put in or attempts we make while trying to carry through anything. The feeling of satisfaction we get when we realize our worth is intense and that is termed as true success. All this comes from awareness about ourselves and our thoughts.

I hope you might have gained a bit of insight about how success should be interpreted by us and what makes us more fruitful, in turn supporting our desires and making us successful in the real way, rather than just thriving from outside.

Thank you very much for taking out time and going through the entire content. I genuinely appreciate. Additionally, try to be contented, more than just feeling happy. It is more useful. Smile as much as possible because it makes us attractive and charming.

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